Agnes Thor

Anonymous asked:
Where abouts are you from? The fact that you're so career focused is such a turn on, damn

Ukraine, thanks.. no choice


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Anonymous asked:
Do you think that maybe that has something to do with you being too sensitive/letting the past affect how you treat the present?

Definitely not. I’m good, I just need to focus on the career grind and haven’t met a girl who could complement both me and my grind.

Anonymous asked:
Girlfriend, or someone you're interested in pursuing?



2014年3月31日 (月)

Anonymous asked:
celeb crush?

Eva Mendes

The picture is a bug out but I love the text. 


Ernst Haas


Hythe Court Home by Amit Apel DesignInsta | FB | MVMT


Sunset, a palm tree, and some very expired film in the Mission.